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Drivers are central to improving fleet performance. Tenix helps driver adapt to drive more economically resulting in fuel saving, improved vehicle performance and greater passenger comfort. Overall cost benefits can be significant depending on the fleet size and the number of drivers.

  • Dedicated portal and apps
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Easy to use driver login


InTraffic module provides tools to track and run your fleet smoothly. By modernizing the realtime tracking tools traffic Tenix makes it very easy for the traffic office or dispatchers have up-to-date status of each bus.

  • Route, stops, delays included
  • Advanced geofence features
  • Incidence reporting and tracking
  • All historical data at your fingertips
  • Live fleet tracking built with modern technology


Monitoring bus health and planning maintenance is critical part of the fleet operation to assure the services run smoothly. Tenix tracks different vehicle parameters in realtime and analyzes this data to find emerging health issues. This allows fleet managers to plan for any maintenance in advance. Tenix also includes processes that allow combining manual tasks with the health analysis data to give you full control over vehicle maintenance.

  • Realtime alerts
  • Processes for maintenance planning
  • Integration with workshop systems

Analytics & Reports

We believe that data is useless if it does not help users find answers their questions. Tenix turns data into insight by creating analysis and presenting it in a rich and interactive medium. Our smart selection system gives users freedom to filter and drill-down data  to find answers quickly. Tenix also provides many reports which can be exported, printed or sent via emails.

  • Data insight using dynamic analysis
  • Rich and interactive visualization
  • Smart filtering and drill-down
  • Many prebuilt reports
  • Share, print or export
  • Automatic report generation

Passenger comfort

Tenix extends its reach to passengers by including services that provide better experience for the passengers.

  • On board WiFi
  • Mobile apps
  • Announcement and alerts

Open platform

Tenix is built as an open platform allowing it to fit in your software eco system. Tenix can integrate with third party systems using APIs and data adapters. By being open, Tenix makes you more productive and gets you the right set of information.

  • Integrate data from systems like Hastus or Trapeze
  • Connect data from Tenix to your economy system
  • Connect maintenance systems with Tenix

Passenger Counting

The Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) defines a new level of precision in electronical people counting. Even under difficult conditions it achieveis a counting accuracy of 98%. It reliably detects the number of people entering or leaving the bus, as well as the passengers currently present.

With the APC you have the full overview of the passengers all the time.

  • Integrated self-diagnostics
  • Video streaming and recording
  • Accuracy achieved 98%

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